Happy National Arts in Education Week! It’s a moment to celebrate the life changing effects that the arts have on children. This is the time to shout loudly about the huge benefits that music, dance, visual art, and drama bring to our education system.

For those of us immersed in learning, teaching, or simply enjoying the arts, it’s easy to take for granted their value in our lives. We know first hand that how vital the arts are for nurturing happy, healthy, and inspired children.

But here’s the thing:

Not everybody gets this. In fact, the very purpose of National Arts in Education Week is not only to celebrate arts in our schools but to save them. And for good reason. Arts Education hangs by a thin thread. Schools are now notoriously underfunded and their dwindling resources are being piped into core academic subjects like math or science.

There has never been a better time to sing from the rooftops, boldly proclaiming the benefits of the arts in education. This visualization by We The Parents highlights 51 powerful rewards kids get from engaging in arts subjects:

Our children deserve to learn in an environment that attends to their mind, body, and wellbeing. This simply isn’t possible when the arts are removed from the syllabus.

Participating in music, for example, provides children with a huge range of experiences that would otherwise be missed. Through the process of creative exploration, practise, mastery, public performance, and group collaboration they develop their sense of identity and boost self confidence. Often, they also get the chance to bond with other children from other walks of life, expanding their world view and fostering openness and tolerance.

Let’s unite during Arts in Education Week. Let’s share our personal stories of creativity and life transformation. And finally, let’s chant in unison: the arts are vitally important and they must be here to stay!


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