90% of music students will drop out within 3 months.

This is a quote I recently read in a music teachers forum.  90%!  That is incredibly sad to me.

As a teacher, I have had virtually no dropouts.  What’s the difference?


What is the secret between a great teacher and an average teacher?

It all started with my, then 3 year old son, asking me to teach him piano.  I just reflexively said, “well, I’ll get you a teacher.”

I figured, living in Park Slope, Brookyn, one of the most child-friendly neighborhoods in the world, there would be a plethora of fantastic piano teachers to choose from.  Well, the answer is both yes and no.  There are fantastic teachers, but not one that would take a 4 year old (at that time.)  Yes there was the Suzuki program at the local conservatory, but it seemed so rigid and out of touch with modern parent life.

You want me, the parent, to take 2 lessons a week, plus 2 lessons for my child AND will only accept us if we have an acoustic piano?!

I also saw lots of very ineffective or clueless teachers who had no real method or plan or even a passion for teaching.

Even though I went to school to be a music teacher, I had never made it my full time profession.   I was busy working in the marketing and journalist side of the music business and then even as an on-air VJ for MTV.  Teaching music was not top of mind, until that moment.

I made this site to help share both my insights and the insights of others I interview to spread the best practices in our industry.

Music can be pure joy and a fantastic metaphor for life and learning!  I hope you join me on my crusade to make every teacher a great teacher to ignite the hearts of our students and thus make the world a kinder, better more musical place!


Andrew Ingkavet

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