So what is the best music teacher marketing?

Many independent music teachers are always asking me how do I get more students?  There are many avenues for music teacher marketing, but let’s first start with your current clients.  If you are doing a great job with teaching, your current clients will naturally tell their friends, family and neighbors.  Your best clients are always your current clients.  Treat them like VIP’s!  They will naturally send you more business.  And one way to celebrate their success with you is through public recitals.

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Recitals are unique

Recitals allow you to gather all of your fans in one place.  It’s a unique moment that many other types of businesses do not have.  Can you imagine a dentist having a kid’s picnic for her clients?  (Hmm.  Actually, that could be a great idea!)  If you are not currently holding at least one recital per year (I recommend two at minimum) then you are missing out on a wonderful and easy way to meet more prospective students.   The recital will give you massive exposure and the opportunity to take lots of photos and videos.

Get The Word Out

If you have a local newspaper that lists events, what better music teacher marketing than a listing in the newspaper?  I’ve also seen home-made laminated posters pinned to the fence of my local playground.  Other ideas are to make postcards to place at local shops and bulletin boards.  It’s just like promoting your band.

What about space?

This coming Saturday is my spring recital.  I will be using my local public library which has a public auditorium that anyone can sign up for free.  I do have to bring all my gear, instruments and set up the room which is a bit of pain.  I know other teachers rent out churches, dance studios, coffee shops or event spaces, but I prefer supporting my library and it is a central location in my neighborhood.

Nerves and photo-Ops

I anticipated from my very first recital that kids were going to be nervous.  Nervous enough that  they wouldn’t be able to perform well.  One thing that has helped is to create a reason for everyone to get on stage at the very beginning of the event.  This helps relax their nerves as we are all standing on stage together, and gives me a wonderful photo opportunity for marketing!  To have photos of students who are happy, performing well and smiling is great for your message:  you are a teacher that can make this happen!

Awards and recognition

I create an individual personalized award certificate, suitable for framing, for each and every student.  They are beautiful and my son (my first student!) has a wall full of them.   Plus it has my name and the name of my studio clearly printed on it.  I call out each child’s name and they walk down the aisle (to thunderous applause) to receive their certificate.  Then, they stay onstage until all performers are standing together.   

I tell them, “Look, you’re already up here.   This is a safe space.   I’m here, and your family and friends are here – we’re all here to support YOU.  You’re going to do great!”  

And then we start the show!

best music teacher marketing
Handing out award certificates before the recital.

Invite new and prospective students

Recitals are an excellent way to introduce yourself to more people.  As more and more friends come to the recital, they get to see you, meet some of your other students and get a sense of how learning from you will be.  It’s the same reason big companies offer free trials and samples at the supermarket.  They want you to experience their product in advance.  After all, the best marketing is having the experience of your product or service!  And recitals are just that.  They see you in action and see your great results!  


For years, I have been video-recording all my students and posting them to my YouTube channel for Park Slope Music Lessons.  I only list the child’s first name out of privacy concerns.  At first, I thought many parents would object to this.  But it is actually a wonderful service that they appreciate.  Not everyone is technically savvy enough to shoot a quality video, post it online and then share it with everyone.  By doing this, it is easier for them to just forward a link to grandma or Aunt Sarah.   I don’t charge for this service because I don’t want to guarantee a video that may or may not come out well.  Plus, I post them on my website which gives me more social proof that I am transforming the lives of my students and their families.  It’s right there in the video.  Now if you don’t have the skills or equipment to shoot video, you can easily find an event videographer on Craigslist who would do a great job for a reasonable fee.  

Conclusion: What is the best music teacher marketing?

To conclude, recitals are an essential (and I think the best!) part of your music teacher marketing.  You need to be holding one, two or more events every year.  And you need to capture images and video from these events to place on your website, social media and newsletter.  Be sure and get permission from your clients first.

I hope you found this helpful.  I look forward to your comments and if you have other suggestions on how to make recitals even more effective.


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