This is a sneak peek inside our Office Hours course, a weekly question and answer video lesson.

Teachers enrolled in the Musicolor Method Online Training get this included as part of their membership.

In this lesson we discuss

  • The difference between a website name and hosting
  • What is a DNS and why you need to know this
  • The different kinds of hosting plans
  • 3 simple and free ways to build your website even if you don’t know how to design or code anything
  • A recommendation for a hosting company 
  • A recommendation for a web design package that you host when you’re ready

Resources Mentioned in the Video

  • Wix – a free simple to use website builder
  • – another free and simple to use website builder
  • SquareSpace – a third simple and elegant website creator
  • Siteground – my recommended hosting company if you want to host your own site
  • And a bonus resource – this site has lots of free tutorials for newbies to the web.


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