Musicolor Teacher Directory

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Musicolor Teacher Directory

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Below, you can find music teachers who are trained in the Musicolor Method®.  We are adding new teachers every week, so please check often.
If you are a Musicolor Masterclass certified music teacher and would like to be listed here, please contact us.

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Sort By: Name of School/StudioZIP Code
Carol Koczo
Address: Manassa, Virginia, USA
Name: Carol Koczo
Region: ,
Website Address: Carol Koczo
Manuel Laufer
Address: New York, NY, USA
Name: Manuel Laufer
Website Address: Manuel Laufer
Marcie Estes
Address: Stafford, Virginia, USA
Name: Marcie Estes
Website Address: Marcie Estes
Midtown Music
Address: New York, New York, USA
Name: Midtown Music
Website Address: Midtown Music
Pierre Music Store
Address: Pierre, South Dakota, USA
Name: Pierre Music Store
Website Address: Pierre Music Store
Sylvia Chang
Address: Sarawak, Malaysia
Name: Sylvia Chang
Tanaka Studios
Address: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Name: Tanaka Studios
Website Address: Tanaka Studios
Trish Boril
Address: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Name: Trish Boril
Tunes N’ Tots
Address: Norwich, Connecticut, USA
Name: Tunes N' Tots
Website Address: Tunes N' Tots
Yukimi Song Studio
Address: Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, New York, USA
Name: Yukimi Song Studio