Piano For Kids Volume 4 has reached bookstores worldwide and is now readily available on Amazon.com! Music teachers, new students, and novice parents galore can continue to musically flourish with new songs and music theory with the newest edition of the Piano For Kids series.

In Piano For Kids Volume 4, we are introduced to left-handed chord accompaniment with the melody on the right hand. While this may sound difficult for beginners, the Musicolor Method has tackled any challenges head on. The first step to learning accompaniment is to delve a little deeper than Volumes 1-3 into music theory. In Volume 4, we will learn about chords, harmony, and intervals with simple terms and visuals.

“What a fabulous way to learn music!  I wish my teacher had this when I was learning…”

-Parent of a Musicolor Student

“Wow.  I am sold!  I went from zero to 50 Musicolor students in less than three months.” 

-Music Studio Owner


In order to enhance the musical experience and broaden the beginner’s mind, Volume 4 of Piano for Kids is bringing forth the next level of the Musicolor Method. The Musicolor Method provides a strategic, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand system that simplifies more complex techniques and concepts. Don’t worry, everything will be explained in Volume 4!

Popular folk songs make teaching and learning fun in Piano For Kids Volume 4. Songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb, Long Long Ago, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, This Little Light of Mine, Wheels on the Bus, America the Beautiful, and more, are essential for laying down a musical foundation for every beginner. Let’s not forget the added bonus: Oh Susanna and Bingo are featured downloadable fun songs for free!

Using the innovative Musicolor Method, teachers and students can confidently demonstrate and play what Volume 4 has to offer. Piano For Kids Volume 4 continues the progression that will be seen in the upcoming Volumes 5 and 6- keep your eyes open for those!

You can purchase your copy here today: Paperback / E-book

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