Music teachers struggle with teaching beginners.  Our instantly-readable Musicolor Notation & curriculum produce remarkable results allowing students to learn faster and develop life skills through music.

What Makes The Musicolor Method® Different?

We help music teachers with the hardest students: complete beginners.

By using the latest thinking from early childhood education, human development, graphic and interface design, we have created an easy to use student-centric approach.  It provides an excellent on-ramp to music education beginning with piano/keyboard skills which then allows the student to move to other methods and instruments with ease and confidence.  It was designed for preschoolers, but has been used with all ages even teens and adults.

Kids Can Go Practice On Their Own

I’ve been a piano teacher for over 20 years and have taught preschool on and off. I ran into this wonderful Musicolor Method.  I liked it because the kids could go practice on their own.  They could figure it out.  Kids love to figure things out and it was so easy for them they could go practice without a whole lot of parent help.  I tried it out last year and it has worked out so wonderfully, I even give it out to my beginner piano students that are 6 or 7 years old.  I give them one of these books because they love it!  I really recommend this program. – Susan Petters, Private Piano Teacher

Start Using This In Your Lessons Today

There’s a lot of material we provide, but you can start using the first lessons with your students today and see some amazing results.  As you go deeper, we recommend you going back and understanding the philosophy behind the method by learning the core principles.

Like A Plug-In To Your Current Methods

You can continue teaching with your current methods and books.  Just add this to your repertoire and you will see students learning faster with more engagement while having fun.

May Not Be For Everyone

The ideas and techniques presented in these trainings and materials are quite different than any you may have heard before.

We have deliberately reached outside the field of traditional music education to bring in fresh ideas.  Get ready for a mindset shift.

We believe that music education is one of the best paths for personal development and will lead to a better world for us all.

Andrew Ingkavet

Creator, Founder


Andrew’s course makes it easy to teach music to pre-literate kids, opening up an entire market of music previously unreachable. My student-base almost doubled. My confidence as a teacher grew. I can use this forever too. – Brett Crudgington, Music Teacher


Through your influence and the Musicolor course, I have doubled my number of students and I have the confidence to continue to improve and expand. I was hesitant to make the investment at first, but I’m extremely glad I did because this association continues to enrich not just my studio, but my life as well. Thanks again!! – Marcie Estes, Music Teacher

A Proven Curriculum For Music Teachers / School Owners