Play Piano - Piano For Kids iPadThis is the first volume of what I hope to be a series of interactive book apps for the iPad. Play Piano For Kids, Volume 1 (Penguins Don’t Play Piano, But You Can!) is available for sale in 32 countries via the Apple iTunes bookstore.

After years of teaching music privately to children as young as 3 years old, I’ve created a learning system that uses audio, video, animation and a unique color system that allows for instant playing. It does this while using all ten fingers and building proper technique in an ordered and structured method using original songs and public domain folk songs that are fun and easy to remember.

This system is also ideal for home-schoolers or other music teachers looking for a way to reach the youngest of children. I’m currently developing a teachers guide for this and will announce when it is ready.

The problem I see with many music books, curriculums and instructors is their tendency to present too much information at a time. Because of my background as wide angle creative with experiences as diverse as a writer, graphic designer and composer, I could see much of the learning problem was graphical in nature. Information design for adults needs to be uncluttered and clear.  This is so much more true for young pre-literate children.  By testing my ideas and methods over several years, I’ve created a proven system that works again and again

Here’s the intro video from the iPad book app…

… And here’s a clip from one of my recitals

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