Thanks so much for responding with your questions, comments and feedback.  I’ve heard from a lot of you and realized there are still many questions on what is the Musicolor Method™ course.

So let me quickly clarify.

A Step By Step Process

The method is a 7-point framework, a process that you can use to evaluate your teaching no matter how experienced you are.

It’s suitable for veteran teachers and newbies alike.

Think of it like a process blueprint or checklist that you can use to filter all your teaching ideas, repertoire choices, and actiivities through.  It also gives you a simple way to communicate to your students and clients as to the choices you are making in your lessons and the reasons behind them.

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The course features a 60 page workbook.

It is truly meant to be a work-book, meaning there are assignments and actions you need to take.  The videos illuminate the points in the book as well as add further illustrations and personal examples from my direct hands-on teaching experiences.

As I’ve been creating the course, I realized it was like writing a book and explaining the book at the same time!  Talk about an under-estimation of work!  But I am so happy with the results.  It truly is something I wish I had when I was a young man many decades ago!

The course also features  a 12 week preschool piano curriculum

This is super valuable and you will not find it anywhere else.
And if you watched the free videos I sent, it will give you access to a virtually untapped market:  preschool students,  in a faster, simpler and more engaging manner than ever before.  It will save you 8 years of trial and error efforts to make a coherent path for your students.

The sheet music provided is in both traditional music notation for teachers and in the various stages of the Musicolor Method™ notation for students.  There is a library of bonus songs and materials including Christmas songs, classical pieces and more.

Is This Just For PIano?

No!  Not at all.

The Musicolor Method™ will work with just about any instrument, but we are launching with the preschool piano curriculum as it is the most in-demand by that age group.  Future curricula will include guitar, ukulele, violin and more.

What happens after the course?

We have a simple certification process where you can then teach the method at your school, your private studio or freelancing for a larger institution.  For groups and schools with multiple teachers, you should contact us for a site license.

The license will give you access to all of our growing list of materials for one year, with a very modest annual renewal fee thereafter.

This gives you access to new curricula, new lessons, and trainings as well as more students 

from a soon to be launched Teacher Finder page on our website.  So as parents start to hear about the Musicolor Method™ through our marketing efforts, we can direct them to you as teachers wherever you are.

So I hope this has been helpful.  Please post your further questions and comments below.

You can register for the waiting list and be notified when the course re-opens.


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